Tony Fish

Surfing, Windsurfing, Kiteboarding, SUP, Land SUP

CTKA - Chinese Taipei Kiteboarding Association, Secretary

Chinese Taipei Sailing Association, Chairman

Miaoli Beach Surfrider and Water Activity Leisure Association, Executive Secretary

SPOT Beach Club, Owner

Naja Surf Boards, Founder and Designer


When Tony was 14 years old, he went to a campsite called "Holy Love Camp" near Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan.  He met the father Rev. Richard Zeimet, and learned skills in water sports.  Based on that experience, as a teenager, his love for water activities eclipsed his desire to be a delinquent teenager.  His wish to promote water activities became his passion.


In 2003, Tony made a critical decision in his life.  He left his home town of Taichung and relocated one hour north to the beach in Zhunan.  He started his passion back up in Zhunan by making use of his specialty aviutueswith his skills in water sports and his passion.  In 2004, SPOT was visualized and began to promote water activities and education about the ocean and marine wildlife and water safety.  He was able to combine his interests and passion into a new work.  He created a utopia for water activities at the beach in Zhunan with many good friends from around the world.


Tony hopes that with his passion for life and professionalism in water sports, that he can bring an unforgettable experience to his visitors, and that people will go home with sincere lasting friendships. 




Windsurfing, SUP, Land SUP, Kiteboarding

Water safety coach

EMT/ First Responder

Chinese Taipei Sailing Association, Chairman/ Director?

Taiwan National Fire Agency, Water safety and rescue trainer

Water Activities Coordinator and Safety Chairman, Pacific Hotspring and Beach Resort


Tiger has a deep rooted understanding of water safety and a healthy respect for the water.  Tiger went through an EMT program and has the ability to take care of his friends and family.  Once, while doing a water safety training, Tiger saw a windsurfing board and it was love at first sight.  He devoted his energy and attention to this interesting and exciting water activity.  Through windsufting, he met his best friend Tony, which has given him the opportunity to devlop other skills like SUP, land SUP, and kitesurfing.  He has also met many good friends through SPOT.  It has broadened his horizon, which is a good thing in Taiwan where you can find ocean on all sides.


Tiger hopes that everyone will give water activities a try.  He encourages you to come to SPOT to enjoy life, and to try seeing the land from the ocean; to broaden your horizon.  Lets meet in the ocean!



Aming gogo

Kite-Buggy, Longboarding, SUP, Motorcycle


While serving in the millitary, he saw someone on a beach flying a stunt kite.  After that, he saw someone using a kite to pull a buggy, and was inspired to learn more about this new and exciting activity.  One day he met Tony Fish on the beach in Zhunan and the rest is history.



Small Black

Longboarding, Surfing Instructor


Running to the ocean.  Eager to perform freely on the wave; it is my stage.

The ocean and me:  we both have two identiites; one as the performer and one as the audience.


Even in wind or hot weather, I want to ride the waves and perform.

Even when it rains a lot, I still go to accept the applause.

As I move the board under my feet.  The beautiful curve of the board is stuck to the edge of the mountain.  The face of the ocean water is flat and clean like a mirror.  My board cuts through it creating ripples, disturbing the peace.


As I move the board back up the wave, the board still moves forward with the wave.

Time flows by.  A surfers dream, that moment when I catch the wave.


The pictures of my life fly by my eyes on the ocean more.

The ocean teaches me let life's troubles out the door.

Eucalyptus leaves slowly drift toward the forrest floor.


Enjoys hanging out and telling surf stories in the SPOT lounge.


Skimboarding, SCUBA Diving


SPOT Skimboarding Coach

Miaoli Jr High School Skim Board Coach

CMAS Taiwan Advanced Scuba Diver

CMAS Taiwan Rescue Scuba Diver


I liked to play in the water when I was young.  The first time I tried water sports was SCUBA diving.  SCUBA diving helps me feel relaxed and comfortable; swaddled in the womb of the ocean.  I have learned a lot about the ocean from diving.  I have fallen in love with it, and deeply respect its beauty.  Because I love the ocean and want to play in it, even when the weather is bad, I researched how I could play in it, even when the water conditions are bad.  I did some research online and discovered a seldom practiced activity called skimboarding.


I watched a lot of videos and read articles about skimboarding.  I searched out a place in Taiwan where I could rent a skimboard, and this lead me to the only place the sport was known in Taiwan; at SPOT Beach Club.  I rented the first skimboard from SPOT in 2006.  My passion for skimboarding continues to this day.



Jimmy Prince

Longboarding, Surfing, Bodybuilding


SPOT Surfing Coach


Jimmy's story starts in Zhunan.


Jimmy was invited by his friend to visit Zhunan.  On that day he had a special feeling, as he was surprised by the beauty of the nature.  He was hooked.  On that day, he fell in love with the ocean and fell in love with surfing.


That same year, Jimmy moved to Zhunan.  He rented a small house on the beach.  He woke up at 5am every morning and skipped brushing his teeth to catch the first waves of the day.  He spent an entire year repeating this practice.


Today, his child is three years old, and Jimmy is already taking him to the ocean to share the love.  Jimmy says, "I don't expect that my child will fall in love with surfing like me, but I hope that he can respect the ocean and nature, and have the courage to find simple happiness in life."


Chang Cheng Hai



SUP Lover


Chan learned surfing on a longboard in 2006.  He spent a few years learning but didn't see very much progress untill 2011.  Tony showed him his first SUP board that year and he fell in love with it instantly.  He loved how he was able to relax and actually go surfing with the board.  He wants to invite everyone to come out to SPOT and join the SUP revolution.


P.S.  He's an older guy, and swears he keeps in shape by practicing SUP!





Almo Liu

Longboarding, Surfing


Swim coach for disabled persons

Swim coach for toddlers

Level 1 FISHLIKE Swimming Instructor (Total Immersion)


Everyone calls me Almo.  Many years ago when I learned how to swim, I started to learn to surf as well.  Before I learned to surf, I didn't think I loved the ocean.  I thought, "My home is in the mountains."


After starting to surf, my perspective changed.  I used to stand in the mountains and watch the ocean.  Now I sit on the ocean and watch the mountains and people.  A surfers perspective is different than the average person's.  We can see the beautiful view that ordinary people may miss.  I now take my surfboard wherever I travel, so I can enjoy surfing all over the world.


The ocean makes people humble and strong, calm and excited.  It satisfies my desire for living.  Surfing is the kind of activity where you can absorb the power of nature and release all of your energy and negative thoughts.  When I'm feeling down, surfing erases all of the bad thoughts.  The surfing provides connection and friendship for me.  I am happy to share the best sport with other people.



Land Paddle board, SUP surfing, Poppin' dance moves

Chinese Taipei Water Life Saving Association, Lifegaurd

SPOT Assistant Helper


The ocean is my teacher.  It teaches me that the most important part of life is to keep your heart whole and respect all of the people in your life.  Share your happiness and accept people for who they are.  I'm a simple guy; I don't have much to say.  I just want people to know the beauty of the ocean.  Taiwan is a country surrounded by ocean; lets experience it.



Chen Ei Lien

Water Instructor (swimming & snorkeling), Gym manager, Pool manager  


SPOT SUP Water Therapy

Recreation Studio, Owner

Physical Education Instructor

Hweymin Clinic, Physical Therapist

YMCA Summer Camp Helper

China Taipei Lifegaurd & Water Safety Coach

China Taipei Frisbee Coach

China Taipei Jet Ski Driver Licence

China Taipei Jet Ski Instructor Licence

PADI-Open Water Diver

PADI-Advanced Open Water Diver

LesMills Body Balance Trainer


Chen Ei Lien loves outdoor recreation on the water, so she decided to study it in University and made it her major.  When she began, she didn't know anything about swimming, but the more she learned and took the core classes, the more her skills improved.


Coach Ada showed her surfing which helped her fall in love with the ocean.  She setup her own pool management studio when she was in her senior year, and she oftentimes invites her coworkers to come surfing with her at SPOT.  Every time she surfs, not only does she improve her skills, but she also overcomes her inner fears of the ocean.


Surf Instructor, SCUBA Instructor, River exploration guide, Swimming Therapy, Yoga Instructor, Aerobics Instructor, Personal Defense Trainer 


Personal Trainer and Fitness Coach

True fitness World Gym, Aerobics Instructor

PADI&ADS Advanced Open Water Diver

Lifegaurd Certification

Fisaf Coaching Licence
Jet Ski Licence

Sailing License


Kevin first learned to play in the water in University and fell in love with the activies over the next four years of study.  He likes to do water sports everywhere, but especially at SPOT, because of all the passionate people.


Kevin is up for any adventure and very gung-ho.  He says he would drive all night to Kaoshoing to go sailing because even thought it might make him vomit, it would be worthwhile to go and do it.  He believes that you need to work hard to play hard and he takes his teaching roles seriously.  Life is an adventure; he wants to go get it!


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