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Catering Services

​ In order to meet the needs of wanderers, travelers and friends of various ethnic groups, SPOT provides three different types of catering

​Choose and dine mode, make your seaside experience richer and more interesting, book now!


​land dining table

A land dining table that combines Miaoli mountains and the sea!

"Inheritance and continuation of the original intention" is the concept that I'm chef, a western food talent cultivation brand, insists on. Through their professional cooking skills and resource integration, they present it to you in SPOT by booking a table.

​ We have developed a set of menus that belong to the mountains and seas of Miaoli, allowing you to taste the dishes while listening to the stories of Miaoli and feeling its temperature.


​spray package

Whether you are hungry after surfing, or go to the beach for a whole day to fill your stomach, SPOT has developed several delicious and affordable packages, paired with cold San Miguel beer or local black pine root beer, replenishing Full of energy!


BBQ BBQ party

​ How can a group of friends come to the beach without a BBQ party! SPOT considerately provides you with BBQ reservation services, saving you the troublesome problems of purchasing, transporting, keeping fresh... and so on, just use your hands Contact us with your fingers, fresh local ingredients and barbecue utensils are ready for you, make an appointment soon!

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