Welcome to SPOT!

* 一年一度的 SPOT 加入會員開幕又到了! SPOT annual open day is approaching again! 詳情請按我. Click me to find out more.

免費小吃跟風箏衝浪課程解說講助. A kitesurfing gathering and Introduction with free finger foods in May. 詳情請按我. Click me to find out more.

(Scroll Down For English)Zhunan county

SPOT位於台灣西海岸苗栗縣竹南鎮的海邊, 周邊有綿延十公里的海岸線和保存良好的原始防風林, 台灣海峽的沙質地形和季風型氣候, 搭配竹南的地理位置, 北端由崎頂往南延伸到後龍外埔,形成一個天然的海灣, 也使得沿海附近產生許多適合各種不同水上、沙灘活動的場地。

對於喜愛戶外活動及水上活動的愛好者, SPOT 是一個提供交流、課程、渡假的好去處。我們提供了各式的水上、陸上活動, 滿足各種不同族群的需求, 內容包括了: 衝浪、風浪板、風箏衝浪、划槳衝浪、獨木舟、趴板衝浪、淺灘衝浪、風箏車、陸上衝浪板, 針對各項活動, 我們有經驗豐富的教練為您提供訓練及體驗課程, 或者您也可以單純的前來享受海邊的風光、夕陽和簡單的生活。


l  水上活動器材代理、販售、租借給會員
l  專業訓練、體驗課程
l  會員住宿及裝備寄放
l  團體聚會場地
l  私人派對舉辦

Jhunan beach map

SPOT sits on the North-Western Coast of Taiwan. It is in Miaoli county and on the coast of Jhunan. SPOT is the paradise for outdoor lovers to meet with other like-minded people. Jhunan’s Coast has many natural qualities that make this place one of the best spots in Taiwan for water sports. It is especially favorable for kitesurfers and windsurfers with the consistent wind that blows all year round.

We provide gear sales and rentals for members, professional training and courses in kitesurfing, surfing, SUP, windsurfing, skimboarding, kite buggy and inflatable kayaking.

Our club is just a 3 minute walk from the ocean, where you can sit and enjoy our homemade food and drinks.

We offer some budget accommodation inside the club or we can also transfer you to a higher end and newly built guesthouse nearby.

Group parties and venue rental are also available. Reservation is needed.

For the latest wind forecast for Jhunan. Please click me(provided by wind guru)  

For the tidal forecast around Taiwan. Please click me. (provided by Central Weather Bureau Taiwan) 

For the waves forecast for Jhunan. Please click me. (provided by Magic seaweed)



5 thoughts on “Welcome to SPOT!

  1. Hello!

    I was wondering if I could take some surfing lessons. I’ve had a few in the past and I’ve managed to stand up a FEW times, but I still cant tell when I’m supposed to start paddling out by myself. In short, I really want to be able to surf by myself. At this point, I still need someone to push my board in order for me to start going.My birthday is coming up, and my goal is to achieve this before then (so i have one month!).

    I live in Jhunan and am currently not working, so anytime (except thursday mornings and the occasional weekends) is okay with me. Also, the weather hasn’t been so good lately, while I don’t mind the rain, I’m wondering if it is possible to surf at Jhunan beach at this time?

    Thank you and I look forward to your reply.


    • Hi Jane, would you consider taking lesson here in Taiwan in our club. We are better equipped for lesson and the condition is much better than Hong Kong. You could send us an email for more info!

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